Let us make the web work for you!

We are a consulting company that takes pride in listening to our clients and working with them to make their idea a reality.

It always starts with an idea! So, did SocioAddicts. The idea was to converge web, social and mobile technologies to meet our client's business needs and extend their capabilities and portfolio.

We have an unique capability to understand capabilities of technology to solve a particular business problem or create business opportunity. At SocioAddicts, we help our clients grow their business and perform at the highest level utilizing our deep industry knowledge, extensive strategic management experience, and innovative technological abilities.

From conception to execution, SocioAddicts' services are all focused on a single outcome: meaningful user experiences that lead to measurable business results.

Strategy & Consulting

Solve the right problems and hit the right solution.


We all know that it does no good to move quickly in the wrong direction. But how do you know which direction is the right direction?

Our experienced team briefs in quickly and helps you with the high-level decisions that have the largest impact on your project's success. We:

  • Facilitate stakeholder conversations
  • Map out work processes
  • Uncover key questions
  • Identify optimal technologies
  • Author product requirements documents
  • Perform platform evaluations and package selection
  • Plan for measurability and effectiveness
  • Interpret Web analytics data

...and much, much more. Start with a team that will do it right—right from the beginning.


Effective solutions aren't created by accident.


A site that stands out from the digital crowd. An elegant interface that minimizes perceived complexity. A Web platform that scales effortlessly.

The right solutions require thoughtful, careful design. Our expertise includes:

  • Web Design
  • Visual, Graphic Design
  • Information Architecture
  • User Interface Design
  • Software Architecture

Everything necessary for Web solutions that are effective by design.


20 languages spoken here:

PHP, Java, SQL, DHTML, XML, JavaScript,...
Along with budget, timeline, business effectiveness and English.

We have in-depth, hard-won experience with the core technologies being used to build the Web. But we're also pragmatic. We understand what it means to build to budget. And we understand that clients come to us to solve problems, not to showcase our coding prowess.

We're not stuck in tech-speak, but we are fluent in:

  • PHP Frameworks: CodeIgniter, Kohana
  • Java, JSP, J2EE
  • Javascript, AJAX, jQuery, Prototype
  • CSS
  • C, C++, Objective C
  • MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle

Work with code jockeys who understand you—and whom you understand.

Portfolio Management

Communicate clearly. Communicate often. Get the job done.


We distinguish ourselves by our capable, competent communicators. The leads on our projects are all hands-on staff, having spent time previously on development teams, doing the actual production work—and having distinguished themselves by their unparalleled ability to communicate.

We won't assign somebody that just acts as a go-between. Our project managers know their stuff.

We have:

  • Experience in a variety of project management methodologies
  • Managing clien't portfolio by project selection and prioritization
  • A focus on delivery that is second-to-none

With over 80% of our clients returning to work with us after the initial engagement, our track record delivering projects speaks for itself.

  • User Research

    Who are your users, what do they want, and what sort of features and products will they really use? We’ve conducted hundreds of 1 on 1 user interviews, user intercepts, usability studies and focus groups that answer questions like these and help you understand what to do with that information.

  • Organizational Consulting

    A strategy is not complete with an organizational structure that can successfully implement and run the internet initiative on an ongoing basis. SocioAddicts works with clients to understand how they can effectively leverage the internet, and how their organizations must evolve to succeed online.

  • Product Planning

    SocioAddicts is the central planning hub for some of the largest, most complex (and ultimately most successful) websites and software applications online. Planning deliverables at SocioAddicts include feature prioritization workshops, conceptual prototypes, and long-term product roadmaps. The goal of all these activities is to balance a long-term vision with shorter term iterative wins while incorporating business drivers, the engineering environment and other practical constraints.

  • Competitive Analysis

    What is your competition doing online? How are they positioned in the marketplace? What can we learn from them, and how does your target audience interact with competitive products? SocioAddicts’ work in defining and understanding the competitive landscape is a key input to developing online solutions that become long-term sustainable advantages in the marketplace.

  • Market Research

    At SocioAddicts, market research means understanding which tactics are working in competing products as well as relevant products in non-competitive markets, discovering unmet user needs in the hunt for new opportunities, and driving long-term product planning and positioning.

  • Internet Strategy

    Leveraging our deep understanding of user behavior, we develop cross-channel business strategies that are both game-changing and realistic to execute for some of the largest companies in the world—at both traditional and new-media organizations.

  • Website Analytics

    Analytics drives the ROI-focused iterative design, A/B and multivariate testing processes at SocioAddicts. Specific deliverables include “Measures of Success” documents, dashboard design, annual results summaries, and ongoing analytics reporting planning and management. SocioAddicts also helps companies set up internal analytics organizations.

  • Branding & Identity Systems

    Increasingly, the web is the primary way consumers interact with a brand. SocioAddicts’ brand identity team works to clearly define brand strategy and positioning, and translate these into an actual identity solution. Our goal: to create an online-friendly identity that works in all scenarios from web to mobile and beyond.

  • Mobile & Alternative Platform

    SocioAddicts has extensive experience designing compelling interactive experience for digital platforms including mobile applications, mobile websites, kiosks, in-store digital displays and interactive television. We focus on understanding how users interact with these devices—and how interaction differs from using the internet through a desktop display.

  • User Scenario Development

    Our personas are behavioral composites, rather than demographic segmentations. They distill the goals, behaviors and motivations of your users in a way that makes the design team more accountable for the product’s success. To keep them meaningful, we look to create no more than three primary personas per product. Each persona has a set of prioritized user scenarios which describe the ways in which the user will utilize your product.

  • Interaction Design

    Interaction Design describes a wide range of product development tools utilized at SocioAddicts, including: User Scenarios, Task Analyses, Interaction Models, Information Architectures, Functional Sketches, Wireframes, Behavioral Documentation and Prototypes. Our User Experience team leverages these tools to develop the right experience to meet user and business goals for interfaces ranging from websites to desktop applications, browser plug-ins, mobile applications, kiosks, and touch-screens.

  • Visual Design

    Visual Designers at SocioAddicts are committed to providing users with the joy of discovery. Our work includes Concept Development, Template Design, Style Guide Development, Illustration, Animation, Typeface Development, and more. Our designers collaborate intensely with the User Experience team on everything from websites to mobile interfaces to in-store kiosks.

  • Content Strategy

    Our in-house content and editorial team works with clients to develop a strategy that defines all aspects of the content that is part of an internet initiative. This includes development of content inventories, content hierarchies and taxonomy, editorial calendars, content decks, content licensing and origination, production workflows, and migration strategies. Our goal: to develop the right content solution that produces a great user experience and brings a brand to life.

  • Asset Development

    Many user experiences are only as good as the content they deliver to the user. Photo and video shoots, image sourcing, graphics production, and copy writing are a few ways we help clients develop on-brand experiences that build users’ trust and loyalty.

  • Usability Testing

    We believe usability findings are valuable only when they lead to a better design (not to a fancy report). Our philosophy is reflected in our approach; we do tons of quick, practical usability testing throughout our process – from paper prototypes to visual designs, to functional prototypes to beta versions of products - in our in-house usability lab. Our motto is to test early and often, and trust our eyes – if 3 users in a row can’t find the search feature; we don’t need to check with #4.

  • Systems Integration

    SocioAddicts’ experience in development of large-scale initiatives includes integrating web solutions with third-party products and applications. Specific areas of expertise include e-commerce solutions (such as Amazon, Yahoo, ATG), search applications (Endeca, Google Appliance), social networking ASPs (Elgg, Ning, KickApps), video and content delivery networks (e.g. Brightcove) and email service providers.

  • Software Architecture

    How can websites be built to scale to millions of users? How can software be maintainable? How can third-party applications integrate with a web experience? SocioAddicts’ software architects focus on the fundamental issues surrounding large-scale initiatives to design a technical solution that brings the designed experience to life.

  • Content Management Systems

    For large-scale initiatives, our expertise includes implementation and integration with Interwoven, Vignette, and Fatwire. We also offer leaner, open-source CMS solutions, including Drupal, Alfresco and Django.

  • Server-Side Development

    SocioAddicts’ enterprise development group specializes in building scalable solutions in Java and .NET environments. For lightweight, rapid development, we focus on PHP and Python-based engineering solutions. We utilize Agile methodologies and a test-driven approach to development to ensure consistently high-quality, modular software.

  • Client Side Development

    Our client side team is famous for their sensitivity to user experience concerns. Areas of expertise include HTML, Javascript, Flash, AJAX and JSON, along with code that’s true to the original design, cross-browser compatible, quick to load, and easy to maintain.

  • Quality Assurance and Deployment

    Throughout the development process, SocioAddicts’ Quality Assurance team works to ensure all software is stable and bug-free and consistent with business requirements. Load testing, security audits, and business acceptance testing are all critical parts of our QA process. We also work with our client’s IT departments to assist them with all aspects of deployment.

  • Display Advertising

    SocioAddicts works with online media outlets to deploy some of the most innovative display advertising solutions online, including rich media advertising, video interstitials and integrated sponsorships. Our perspective is pretty special: as the design team behind some of the largest advertising-supported websites online, we uniquely understand what kinds of advertising really works.

  • Social Media

    3rd party reviews and recommendations are the most credible and effective of all marketing messages. But it’s not enough to upload a bunch of videos to YouTube. SocioAddicts understands what it takes to engage users on their own terms, and has created some of the extensive social networks online.

  • Email and CRM

    SocioAddicts leverages the insights into user behavior to create sensible communication sequences that maximize everything from registration rates to open rates on email newsletters. Capabilities include user profile development, explicit and passive website personalization, campaign management of offers within websites, and targeted email marketing campaigns.

  • Online Media Planning

    Effective interactive marketing is not about a banner campaign. It uses all available tactics to build desire, promote a brand, and drives traffic. SocioAddicts' media planning team combines online advertising with search, word-of-mouth marketing, viral marketing, social media, online PR and mobile to create a holistic plan that drives results.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    SocioAddicts has designed several category-leading websites in terms of generating organic traffic through search-optimized content. We combine SEO design principles, search-friendly technology, compliance with accessibility standards and content strategy to develop a SEO strategy and execution plan. Search optimization is combined with Search advertising to ensure complete search coverage for our clients.

  • Marketing Analytics

    We believe that, fundamentally, the web is a direct marketing medium. All online marketing is measurable, and we put a strong focus on continually measuring results and improving campaigns based on prior performance. Our "test and learn" methodology ensures we maximize client marketing ROI.